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Conduit Pipes

(for wiring ducting purpose)
Confirming to IS:9537 (Part3)-1983

• Usage in open and concealed wiring in industries, commercial institutes, buildings & residential sector.
• For Wiring connection of pumps,motors & house meters.
• For Connection of traffic signal & street lights.
• Concealed wiring of transpontation like buses, railway coach,ships air crafts etc.

• Easy to cut & join without special tools & easy to install.
• Smooth inside surface prevents damage of wire,hence easy to pull and place the conductors and wires even through 90° bends
• Weight almost 1/5th of steel and 1/2 of aluminum, thus easy to transport & handle.
• Can be laid direct without any protection.
• Resistant to acids,alkalis, salt solutions and many other checmicals.
• Conduit pipes has high tensile and impact strengths.
• It is resistant to direct sunlight, heat and favorable for all weather condition.
• Resistant to macro and micro-organisms, fungi, rodents and corrosive factors. hence can be used for longer tenure.
• Compound used in manufactruing is self extinguishing material that does not support combustion. The material has that property of not burning further one flame is put off. Neither it burns without a flame being directly applied to it.

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