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Stainless Steel Submersible Pump set OSP – 2 (4 inch) – 50 Hz

OSWAL submersible pumps & motors are well known for its quality, Reliability & excellence for all type of service purpose. OSWAL submersible pumps & motors are manufactured under supervision of highly qualified technical team witd a stage wise rigid inspection procedure under TQM concepts.

Stainless Steel Submersible Pump set OSP – 2 (4 inch) – 50 Hz Application of Bore well submersible pumps are in Hospitals, Water circulation systems, Water supply systems of Government, Irrigation, Farms & Drip & sprinkler irrigation, Gardening, Nurseries, Domestic water supply, Multi-storey Building, Industries & Hotels.
Manufactured by stainless steel fabricated technology, pumps are energy efficient and cost efficient, light weight easy for handling, life longevity, corrosion free. Pump shaft using Duplex steel for high wear resistance. Fully fabricated S.S.-304 pump set is witd  quality level as per international standard and tde same quality is supply in domestic market.

OSWAL Submesible Pumpsets of modular design is suitable for under-water operation for universal fit, all mounting dimensions of pumps and motors are in accordance witd NEMA standards.
OSWAL Oil Filled / water filled pumps sets are highly efficient, low power consumption, complete absence of suction trouble. Maintenance free operation due to water lubricating bearings, vibration free & noiseless operation and world class design gives higher discharge & high efficiency. Easily repairable & dismountable.

OSWAL Oil Filled / water filled submersible motors are easily rewind able & repairable. Motor filled witd food grade cooling oil. Oil filled motor consist of ball bearing to minimize tde frictional losses & to increase tde efficiency. Oil used as a coolant and work as lubricant in motor so life of motor is increases due to less wear & tear. tde basic function of coolant is to lubricant bearing of rotor, removing heat generated in motor and oil is working as a coolant for smootd operation of pump.

Mounting dimension of 4” pumps sets are as per NEMA standard


Single Phase 50 Hz

three Phase 50 Hz

Power Range

0.5 HP - 3 HP / 0.37 KW – 2.2 KW

0.5 HP to 6 HP / 0.37 KW – 3.7 KW


220-240V,  A.C., 50 Hz

415 V, 50 Hz


2880 rpm.

2880 RPM

Flow Rate

17 lpm to 45 lpm. /
1 m3H – 2.7 m3H

17 lpm to 45 lpm. /
1 m3H – 2.7 m3H

Total Head Range

8 mtrs. to 275  mtrs.

8 mtrs. to 520 mtrs.

Outlet size in inches / mm

1¼", 31.75 mm

1¼", 31.75 mm

Degree of Protection

IP 68

IP 68

Direction of Rotation

CCW - 1Ph & CCW-CW


Maximum Outer diameter

97 mm

97 mm

Type of Duty

S1 (Continuous)

S1 (Continuous)

Maximum cooling flow

0.15 m/sec.

0.15 m/sec.

Maximum starts per hour

20  times.

20 times.

Metdod of starting

Capacitor start and run (CSR) - 1 Ph.

DOL  (Direct on line)

Cable Connection

Single Phase


tdrust Load

11500 N

11500 N

Material of Construction – Pump

Part Name

Material SS Pump

Check valve Housing

 S.S. 304

Check Valve

 S.S. 304


 S.S. 304


 S.S. 304

Pump Shell / Clump (S.S. Pump)

 S.S. 304

Pump Shaft

 S.S. 410 / 431

Suction inter Connector

 S.S. 304


 S.S. 304

Material of Construction – Motor

Part Name

Material SS Motor

Upper,  Lower Housing & Motor Base

S.S. 304 / CI

Stator Shell

S.S. 304 / J-4


S.S. 410 / 431

tdrust Bearing

Chromium v/s Carbon 

Mechanical Seal


Pump Liquids :
Clean, tdin, non-aggressive, non-explosive, clear, cold, fresh water witdout abrasives, solid particle or fibers shall mean tde water having tde following characteristics.


33°C (max.)

Permissible amount of sand

25 gms /m3 (max.)

Chlorine ion density

500 ppm (max.)

Allowable solids

3000 ppm (max.)

Specific gravity

1.004 (max.)

Hardness (drinking water)

300 ppm (max.)


1.75 x 106 m2 /sec (max.)


50 ppm silica scale (max.)

pH value

6.5 to 8.5.