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uPVC Plumbing Pipe

(for plumbing application)
As Per ASTM-D-1785

• These pipes are useful CBS sector in building constructions for water supply to Bathrooms, Kitchen Sinks, Washbasin & Laboratories.
• It can be used in Residential Complexes, Individual Houses, Flats, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Bus Stations, Railway Stations and institutes to transfer water.
• Distribution of Water in Industries, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Irrigation & Projects etc.

• Frictional are reduced due to smooth surface finish.
• Ideal for pure & hygienic water supply
• Special coloured line marking to identify the right selection.
• Resistant to Corrosion
• Weather Resistance
• Easy to Installation
• Fire and Termite Proof
• Good Thermal and Electrical Insulation
• Inert to Chemical
• Properties remain unchanged up to temperature 60°c continues and 90°c for short time

1. ASTM-D-1785-unplasticized-PVC Pipe-SCH40, SCH-80 & SCH-120

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