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uPVC Selfit Pipe

(for agriculture and potable water supply)
Confirming to IS:4985-2000

• Supply of water for agriculture and irrigation purpose.
• Water supply in Rural and Urban sectors.
• Usage in Oil Supplies Suitable for Power and Telecommunication cable ducting.
• De-watering purpose (water logging and drainage systems.)
• In CBS as resistant to fire, having sound thermal & electrical insulation properties.
• Can be used in sun light as martial resists UV rays.
• Ideal for water supply application.

• Frictional losses are reduced due to smooth internal surface.
• Very high pressure resistant capacity.
• Corrosion free & Inert to Chemicals
• Easy Installation & Handling
• Very Low Friction Losses
• Termite Proof
• Resistant to high pressure load
• UV stablised for usage in sun light.
• Stable joining with PVC solvent.
• Working Pressure:2.5,4,6,8,10 & 125 Kgf/cm2

Dimension of Unplasiticized PVC Pipes (as per IS 4985-2000) (Clauses 7.1.1 and 7.1.2)
Note 1- The table is based on metric series of pipe dimension given in ISO 161/1 in respect of pipe dimension and ISO DIS 4422
Note 2- The wall thickness of pipe is based on safe working stress of 8.6 Mpa at 27°C. The working pressure gets reduced at sustained higher temperature.
Occasional rise in temperature, as in summer, with concurrent corresponding reduction in temperature during nights as no deleterious effect on the working pressure of the pipes considering the total life of pipe

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