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Investment Casting Plant

Highly sophisticated state of art is the investment casting plant with well experienced technical team, having manufacturing capacity of 4 ton of casting per day. At present plant is 100% utilised for our submersible pumps & motors parts like Impeller, Bowls, Diffusers, upper housing, lower housing and other parts. However we are interested in supplying investment casting part for Domestic and International markets as per customer specifications.

Application of investment castings :-
Unlimited field of application of investment casting part due to its technological value & design factors.

Application of investment castings:-
Unlimited field of application of investment casting part due to its technological value & design factors.
Electric Motors & Pumps Industry
Refrigeration & Food Process Industry
Automobile Industry
Fire Fighting Equipment
General Engineering Industry

Electric Motors & Pumps Industry
All kind of pumps spares like casting Impeller, bowls, diffuser for horizontal & vertical pumps, submersible pumps, self priming mini pumps & vacuum pumps. Also motor spares like Front & rear bearing housing, air cooling fans, upper housing ,lower housing for all types of motors. Tilting segment for bearing.

Refrigeration & Food Process Industry
Ice cream, dairy plant, food processing Machine parts, clamp, ferrule, 2 & 3 way valve Body for refrigeration industry, all kinds of ball valve, gate valve, solenoid valves & all types of fitting like tee, elbow, and socket & coupling.

Automobile Industry
Precombustion chamber for tractors, matadors, tata sumo, gear shifter for 4 wheelers vehicles, water pump body, Timing belt pulleys, 2 wheelers spares.
Fire Fighting Equipment
Coupler, clam, knurling bush, hydrant valve, sprinkler, male female coupling, Nozzle etc.

General Engineering Industry
All types of gears, chain link, Sewing machine parts, electrical conductor parts and spares for textile, aero space Orthopaedic and all general industries which requires of high degree of as cast finish with complicated design.

Salient Features :-
Components weigh from 10 grams to 35 kg. can easily be cast.
High accuracy of complex shape and design with obsolete reproduction of fine holes, slots can be cast by his process.
By this process, products which are essentially a near net shape where in machining is totally eliminated or reduced to minimum possibility.
Material used for Investment Casting :-
All types of ferrous- carbon steel, stainless steel, steel alloy and aluminium / copper based alloys in accordance to the ASTM / ISI standards.
Manufacturing Process :-
Die Making :-
Investment casting dies are specially made from aluminium / Hard Die steel - with a single or multi cavity to produce wax replicas of the required Components.
Wax Replicas :-
Wax replicas are made by this process by injecting the molten wax in to the single / multi cavity dies.
Pattern Tree :-
The individual wax replicas or assembled to form a single mould looks like a patent tree / cluster.
Shell Making :-
The pattern tree / cluster is dipped repeatedly i liquid binder or ceramic power for several times with time intervals for curing to form a shall mould with thickness from 5 to 12 mm depending upon the shape & size of the components being produced.
De Waxing of Shells :-
By this process the wax is melted out from shells, leaving a hollow ceramic shells.
Shall Baking :-
Before casting the hollow shells are well backed in shell baking furnace so as to with stand high temperature / pressure during casting process
Casting :-
The molten metal from induction furnace is poured in to the shells to make casting in the form of tree / cluster with several number of similar components together.
Knock-out / Cutting / Finishing : Casted shells are then knocked out with pneumatic hammers & cutting the individual components by cut-off machine then final finishing by air grinding / shot blasting process to get final "AS CAST". The plant has the capacity to draw 3 ton of casting per day.

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