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Squirrel Cage Induction Motors -Three Phase

Squirrel Cage Induction Motors(Three Phase)

OSWAL Induction Motors for various industrial application like Machine tools, Textiles, Air Conditioning, Dairy Equipments, Crane & Hoist, Pollution control, Aquaculture & agriculture, Fertilizers, Mines & Chemicals Industry. The Range of products are standard motors, energy efficient motors, dual speed motors, cooling tower motors and other special motors designed as per customers specifications. The qualities of motors are excellent as it is manufactured under the supervision of a team of highly qualified, experienced & dedicated people of the organization.

All motor shafts are of 40 C8 /EN-8 material. Motor shaft of AISI 304, 316, 431,410 & other material can be supplied on request. Shaft are having threaded centre hole for locking of pulley / gear from driving end. Motors are supplied with keys duly fitted on the shaft.
All standard motors are capable of service factor 1.1 at rated voltage & frequency / or continuous duty.
Rotors are of squirrel cage, aluminum die cast & are dynamically balanced with a half key to keep the vibration levels low. Motors with very low vibration level requirement for machine tool application can be given on request. Core material is low loss high grade silicon steel.
All motors can withstand momentary overload of 1.6 times of rated torque, for 15 seconds without stalling.
All standard motors are having deep groove radial ball bearings '(Single row)'. Deep groove ball bearings are capable of taking axial loads in both the direction in addition to the radial loads at high speed.
Oil seals are provided to ensure IP - 55 protections. The rubbing action on sealing surface prevents penetration of solid contaminants /moisture into the motor. The rubbing surfaces are with appropriate surface finish. Hence rise in temperature is minimum.
Noise levels of the motors are maintained as per specification in IS : 12065.
Motors are tested for vibration level of normal class as per IS : 12075. Precision levels of vibration can also be given on request.
Motors can withstand for starting up time 5 to 7 seconds for two starts from cold condition. For any other condition customer shall specify GD2 speed, period of acceleration. Duty cycle, speed torque curve of driven equipment & method of starting.

Power Range 0.25 - 120 HP
Version 380-415 V,A,C, 50 Hz
Speed (Pole) 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 Pole
Enclosures Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
Frame Size 56 to 280M
Abbient temperature 50°C
Insulation Class F
Combined Variation 10 % (absolute sum)
Duty S1
Degree of protection IP- 55
Bearing Anti frictional deep groove ball bearing
Grease High temperature lithium complex grease (155°C)
Mounting Dimensions Foot mounted according to IS 1231 (B3) Flange
mounted according to IS 2223 (B5) Foot cum Flange
mounted (B35) Face Mounted (B 14)
Application in :

• Industrial application
• Heavy & precision machinery
• Air Conditioning & Blowers
• Turrning , Milling,Drilling, Cutting, Slitting and grinding machinery.
• Special Electrical applications.

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